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How to Carve Like a Pro

How to Carve Like a Pro
A perfectly cooked turkey deserves to be beautifully carved, learn how to carve like a pro!

Step 1:

Grab on to the top of one leg and pull it away from the body of the bird, unhinging it at the bottom. Now remove the leg from the body, cutting through the separated joint.

Step 2:

Cut the leg into drumstick and thigh pieces. Slice the meat off the thigh; leave the drumstick whole, or slice it too. Repeat these steps with the other leg. Arrange meat on a platter.

Step 3:

Remove the tip and middle part of each turkey wing and set them on the platter.

Step 4:

Remove turkey breasts, slice the meat, set on the platter and serve. Reserve the turkey carcass for stock.