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How to Make Halloween Monster Burgers

How to Make Halloween Monster Burgers
Have family Halloween fun by dressing up burgers to look like monsters, albeit cute, friendly looking ones!

Step 1

Prepare items you’ll need, such as teeth made from jaggedly cut cheese slices. For eyes, use sliced, stuffed olives or small cheese rounds centred with a raisin. For a nose, use gherkins, unpitted olives or anything else edible with the right shape. For ears, tortilla chips or halved cherry tomatoes will work. For a tongue, try a red pepper slice, cooked bacon strips or a long, thin pickle slice.

Step 2

Start assembling your burgers by decorating top buns with their eyes, ears and nose. Cut small slits in the bun to make them adhere, if needed. Spread bottom buns with mayonnaise or other spread and a lettuce leaf. Set tongue in place. Set on burger patties. Place jaggedly cut cheese slice on the patties with pointed ends, the “teeth,” hanging off one side. Top with condiments, such as ketchup.

Step 3

Put top buns in place and enjoy these monsters burgers at a Halloween party or family gathering. 

Note: If desired, you could melt the cheese a little bit on the burger patty before setting it on the bun.

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