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Tips for Designing your Garden Using Bulbs

Get your spring bulbs ready to turn into beautiful summer blooms.
  1. When - Summer flowering bulbs and tubers can be planted as soon as the danger of ground frost is past – until the end of May.
  2. Where - Plant in a sunny spot in the garden or container. Check the package for details.
  3. Depth - The general rule of thumb is to plant the bulbs or tubers twice as deep as the bulb is tall. Exceptions to this rule are begonias and dahlias, which should be planted just under the soil surface.
  4. Soil - Any type of soil that provides good drainage is good for summer-flowering bulbs. For containers, use garden compost or potting soil.
  5. H2O -  Water immediately after planting to develop the roots. Keep the soil moist but refrain from making it soggy.

Stick to 3 main colours, if not it could look overwhelming in a smaller garden. Use a combination of bulbs that bloom in early, mid-season and late in the season to provide successive colour in your garden.

Add height to your garden by combining taller and shorter plants such as gladiolus and geraniums.

Add small groups of bulbs among perennials and shrubs to help hide the bulbs, foliage as it fades. As well the bulbs will add beautiful accents of colour to make the space brighter.