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How to Cut a Whole Chicken into Portions

You've likely seen a few recipes that require a whole chicken, cut up into pieces, for frying, stock or baking purposes. Buying a whole chicken is much more cost effective than buying them pre-carved and only takes a few steps to do!

Step 1:

Set chicken breast-side-up. Bend leg back until the thighbone pops out of its socket. Cut through joint and skin where the thighbone became unhinged and remove leg.

Step 2:

Leave the chicken leg whole, or cut into thigh and drumstick pieces. Repeat step 1.

Step 3:

With the chicken slightly on its side, pull one wing away from the body. Cut through joint where it is attached to the breast and remove. Repeat on other side.

Step 4:

Set chicken breast-side-up. Cut downward through the rib cage to separate breast from back and neck of the bird. Save the back and neck bones for stock.

Step 5:

Turn the breast skin-side down and cut in half down the middle of the breastbone.

Step 6:

Leave the half chicken breasts whole, or cut each half breast into two to three pieces.

Step 7:

Depending on how many pieces you cut the breast and legs into, you will be left with 6 to 12 pieces.

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