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How to Fill and Form Phyllo for Strudel

How to Fill and Form Phyllo for Strudel
A step by step guide to assist you when making our Pear and Walnut strudel recipe.

Step 1

Lightly butter and layer 5 sheets of thawed phyllo dough. Spoon on the pear filling mixture, shaping it into a long, narrow rectangle along the bottom of the pastry nearest you.

Step 2

Fold over the sides of the pastry, about 2" on either side. Now carefully, and tightly as you can, roll the filling into the pastry.

Step 3

Brush the top and side of the strudel with a little melted butter. Make shallow, diagonal cuts, about two inches apart, into the top of the pastry to make it easier to cut after baking. Bake and serve as described in the recipe.

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