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How to Make the Perfect Patty

burger on grill
Find out how to make perfect patties, every time!
mixing ground beef

Step 1:

Go easy when mixing in flavourings and shaping the patties. If you firmly press and pack the meat, the texture of the cooked patty will be unappealingly tough.
ground beef ball

Step 2:

To form, first lightly dampen your hands with cold water as this will create a barrier preventing the meat from sticking. Now make a loose ball of the meat and set in one hand.
ground beef patty

Step 3:

Use your other hand to gently shape the meat into a patty that’s about three quarters of an inch thick, pressing the edges gently to smooth them.
pressing ground beef patty

Step 4:

Make a deep dimple in the centre of the patty; it can help prevent the burger from puffing and misshaping during cooking.

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