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How to Make Drink Garnishes

How to Make Drink Garnishes
Add colour and flare to a summer drink with one of these three fruit and herb garnishes.

Frozen Melon Balls and Basil

Use a melon baller to scoop balls of honeydew, cantaloupe and watermelon. Set the balls in a single layer on a plastic wrap-lined dish and freeze solid. Use the melon balls in place of ice cubes to chill drinks, such as sparkling water and sparkling wine. Garnish drink with a basil sprig.

Cucumber and Mint

Use a wide vegetable peeler to cut English cucumber into long and thin strips. Thread one strip on a skewer in accordion-like fashion. Press another slice against the inside of your glass. Fill glass with your beverage, such as tonic water and gin, sparkling water or Italian lemon soda. Decorate top of drink with the cucumber skewer and a mint sprig.

Berry Rosemary Skewers

Pull 2/3 of the lower leaves off a sturdy 5″ or 6″ long rosemary sprig. Thread three or four berries on the bare end of that sprig. Use the berry rosemary skewer to garnish drinks, such as Italian soda or sparkling water.

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