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Flu vs. Common Cold: Symptoms & Treatment 
Learn which illness you have, how to feel better, when to see a doctor and more.
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Does Chicken Soup Really Help with Cold Symptoms?
Chicken soup contains a number of nutrients and minerals that might ease the symptoms of upper respiratory tract infections.
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When are you too Sick to Work? Don’t be the “Office Hero”
Questions to ask yourself if you are unsure and tips to help you decide if your kids should stay home from school or not.
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Foods to Help Boost your Immune System
A simple list of foods that help boost your immune system and what’s in them that actually helps.
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Flu Shots: Why you should get vaccinated
  • Do you belong to a "high risk" group? 
  • What exactly is in the vaccine? 
  • The nasal flu vaccine 
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Flu Immunization During Pregnancy
During pregnancy, expecting moms are very careful of everything they put into their bodies, so there may be concerns about receiving flu shots. The flu vaccine, however, is deemed safe at any stage of pregnancy and while breastfeeding.
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Children and the Flu Vaccine
Children under 5 are especially at high risk of developing complications if they contract the flu and may even end up hospitalized.
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Flu Symptoms and Treatment for Children
If your child becomes sick despite all your precautions, here are some tips to help you out.
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Flu Prevention
Other than the flu shot, what else can you do?

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What are the Types of Influenza Viruses? There are more than just one.
  • Viruses A and B – cause the seasonal epidemic 
  • Virus C – cause mild respiratory illness, not epidemics (less severe) 
  • When found in only humans vs. humans and animals. 
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