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Community Programs

We are blessed to live and work in communities jam-packed with community spirit! From arts and sports to health care and education to supporting the less fortunate, we put our efforts into all kinds of programs that matter to you!

Food Rescue Project

The Food Rescue Distribution Centre is a collaboration between Rotary Clubs of Greater Victoria, Thrifty Foods, The Victoria Foundation, the 40+ members of the Food Share Network and their operational partner, The Mustard Seed Street Church.
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Feeding the Hungry

The heart of our business is food, so it makes sense that we have a passion for feeding those who are hungriest. We strive to keep bellies filled at local food banks and community centres.
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Fueling Local Athletes

We are excited by the incredible efforts of our local athletes! And, whether young gymnasts, 10K and marathon runners, or Olympic athletes, they need our help to excel.
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Helping with Health Care

We are proud to work with health care foundations and to support societies and events that strive to save lives and improve life quality for those facing health challenges.
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Nourishing the Arts

Our communities are so much richer because of the incredible music, theatre, festival and art they offer. We are inspired by our local artists and excited to help develop a passion for creative arts.
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Nurturing the Earth

It’s up to all of us to keep this Earth a healthy place to live. We’re committed to running Earth-friendly initiatives, and supporting organizations that promote environmental stewardship.
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Disaster Management

Thrifty Foods supports the work of The Canadian Red Cross who support victims of fire, floods and other disasters in British Columbia and across Canada.
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