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Doug – Head Office

Meet Doug.  A Seattle native, Doug earned a post graduate social sciences’ degree after serving four years in the Air Force during Viet Nam.  He feels fortunate to have immigrated to Canada in 1974 and worked for the BC Government in Trail before transferring to New Westminster.  After five years with the WCB, he returned to Public Health as a Consultant in Victoria, where he retired and still lives with his wife of 48 years.  Doug’s life philosophy is akin to Taoism.  He delves into metaphysics and parapsychology and is a supporter and promoter of animal welfare. Doug stumbled on Sendial in 2014 and since has been a Special Assignments Volunteer – assisting the Head Office Program Coordinator with manuals, forms, training, on-site store reviews, promotion and interviews and write-ups of volunteers for special recognition.  Doug’s role helps keep him stimulated and challenged while also supporting and contributing to a needed, well received and appreciated service.  Doug’s been amused by some of what he’s encountered as a  Volunteer and looks forward to contributing to a sustainable future for Sendial.