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Fresh Fruit & Cream Cakes

Have you ever wondered what could give you a pretty presentation and eat like it's guilt free? That would be our fresh fruit and cream cake! It's light, creamy, decadent and fresh all baked into one.

This cake is made with real Island Farms whip cream, a creamy combo of whip cream and Bavarian cream and fresh fruit in the center, topped off with a beautiful display of fresh fruit. It can also be made with Cream Cheese Icing or Vanilla Buttercream. To order, call our Customer Care Team at 1-800-667-8280 or your local store's Bakery Department.

Sizing Options

fresh fruit and cream cake rectangle

Double Layer Cake

8" x 12" 

12" x 16" 

16" x 24" 

Serves 15-20      
Serves 40-50      
Serves 80-100      
fresh fruit and cream cake round

Triple Layer Cake

8" Round

Serves 8-10