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How to Prepare & Fold Egg Whites

Stirring Egg Whites
Use these tips to achieve the perfect peaks and learn how to incorporate them into batter.

Tip 1

Separate egg whites from yolks by cracking a cold egg into a bowl. Carefully slip fingers under the yolk, lift, and let the whites drip through. Set the yolk in a separate bowl and place whites into a third bowl. Continue until you have the required whites for your recipe. Any bits of yolk left in the white can prevent the latter from stiffening.

Tip 2

Let egg whites come to room temperature for 30 minutes before beating; this will allow them to reach their fullest volume. Use a clean and dry stainless steel, glass or copper bowl to beat egg whites using a stand or hand mixer. Plastic or wooden bowls may absorb oil and can prevent peaks from forming. Stiff or firm peaks, egg whites would stand straight up when ready. Medium peaks are stiff enough to stand up, but will curl at the tip. Soft peaks will barely hold their shape.

Tip 3

To incorporate egg whites into waffle, cake or other batter, lighten the batter first by whisking in a quarter of the egg whites. Cut and fold in the rest of the egg whites with a spatula. Do that by cutting down vertically with the spatula into the centre of the batter. Fold the bottom of the batter up and over the top of the beaten egg whites. Give the bowl a quarter turn and repeat these actions until the egg whites are incorporated into the batter.

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