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How to use a Piping Bag

carrot cheescake
A piping bag is a handy tool for creatively topping savoury dishes, such as canapés, and desserts of all kinds. Here are some tips on filling and using one.
opening piping bag

Step 1:

Place the piping tip in the bag and make a 2" cuff at the top of bag.
filling piping bag

Step 2:

Slide one hand into the cuff and hold the bag; use your other hand to scoop in what you're piping and fill half way.
squeezing piping bag

Step 3:

Unfold the cuff and tightly twist the top portion of the bag until what you are piping just pokes out the end.
icing cake with piping bag

Step 4:

Squeeze from the top with one hand and direct the tip with your other hand. Gently twist the bag to push out the next portion. Repeat until the bag is empty.

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