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How to Build a Dinner Bowl

Dinner Bowl
Dinner Bowls are a food trend that has really taken off. They can be a well balanced, meal solution tailored to meet your family’s needs. They can also be a quick-to-make, mid-week meal, when you combine tasty, ready to eat items you buy, with items you cook at home, such as simply prepared grains, starches and vegetables.
  1. Choose your base.
    Add 1/2 - 1 cup grains or starches to your bowl. Cook extra brown rice, barley, quinoa, whole wheat pasta or even sweet potatoes for the bottom layer of your bowl.
  2.  Add some protein.
    Layer with 3/4 cup of cooked or canned beans, lentils or chickpeas or 3 oz. of cooked meat.
  3. Clean out your veggie drawer.
    Add at least 1/2 - 1 cup cut-up veggies. 
  4. Add some filling fat.
    Sprinkle with cheese, nuts, seeds or avocado.
  5. Savour with sauce.
    Top with your favourite dressing, salsa or Thrifty Kitchen Tzatziki, or make your own vinaigrette! Where will your taste buds take you?

BBQ Chicken Dinner Bowl

Put steamed rice, to taste, in a shallow bowl. Arrange pieces of warm, BBQ chicken, canned black beans, corn kernels, grated cheese, diced avocado, cherry tomatoes and cilantro sprigs on the rice. Serve with lime wedges, salsa and sour cream.

Roasted Maple Ham Dinner Bowl

Bake or microwave a yam until tender, slice and set on one side of a shallow bowl. Set some hot wilted kale, chard or spinach, and roasted beet and apple (sold in our Deli showcase) across from the yam. Slice hot roasted maple ham and set in the centre of the bowl. Garnish with pea shoots, serve with Dijon mustard, sweetened with maple syrup.

Mac & Cheese Rib Dinner Bowl

Toss salad mix, such as baby greens, coleslaw or sweet kale mix, with a salad dressing of your choice. Set salad on one side of a shallow bowl. Set warmed veggie batons (sold in our Deli showcase), or raw vegetable sticks, beside salad. Set hot mac and cheese on other side of the bowl. Top it with hot THRIFTY Kitchens ribs and serve.

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