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How to Make Italian Sausage Bacon Onion Bombs

Bacon Onion Bomb
Learn to make these rich and juicy stuffed onions on the barbecue.
Prepare onion

Step 1:

Trim 1/2” off the root and stem end of an onion and peel. Make a 1/2” deep, top to bottom slit on one side of the onion. Carefully pull off 2 layers of onion. Repeat these steps with other onions until you have the number of onion shells you need. Keep the centres of onions for another use.
Wrap sausage ball

Step 2:

Set a sausage ball in the centre of the onion shells.
Wrap with bacon

Step 3:

Wrap the sides of the onion with two strips of bacon, leaving a small circle of the meat filling exposed at the top. Secure the bacon in place with toothpicks.
Cook onion bomb

Step 4:

Cook onion bombs in a pan on the barbecue as per recipe instructions. Remove toothpicks and serve.

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