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How to Use Vegetable Trimmings

Instead of composting vegetable trimmings, prepare and add them to other dishes.

Broccoli Stems

Once you’ve removed the florets, keep the stems and grate to use in salads. The stems can also be sliced and added to a stir-fry, stew or soup. If the skin on the stem is thick and tough, you may need to peel that skin off. 

Beet Tops

These nutritious greens can be prepared like spinach. Steam or braise until tender and toss with a little melted butter and use as a stuffing or side dish for chicken, lamb leg, sausages or fish.

Kale Stems

Slice and sauté these very edible bits in olive oil over moderate heat until tender, adding a bit of stock, if needed. When tender, use them in a quiche or omelette filling, or fold or toss them into hot mashed potatoes, rice or pasta.