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Tips for Making Risotto

Stirring Risotto
Use the words and photos below to guide you the next time you make one of the risotto recipe you’ll find in our recipe collection.

Tip 1

The best rice for risotto are stubby varieties that have a high starch content and absorb less liquid during cooking, such as the arborio rice we sell. Those qualities enable the rice to maintain a nice texture when completely cooked and cause an almost creamy sauce to form around the grains. Start preparing the risotto by cooking the rice in olive oil over moderate heat until aromatic and lightly toasted.

Tip 2

Stock is the main liquid most often used to simmer and cook the rice. It could be vegetable, chicken, beef, seafood or another type, depending on what type of risotto you’re making. Always warm stock before adding it to the risotto as that will help maintain a consistent cooking temperature. Add the stock slowly to the risotto, about half to one cup at a time, simmering it until almost fully absorbed by the rice before you make the next addition.

Tip 3

It can take about 30 minutes to cook risotto, but start sampling small amounts of the rice after about 15 to 20 minutes of cooking. When cooked, the rice will be al dente; tender but still nicely textured and holding its shape. When cooked, the risotto should also be a creamy mass with enough body to stand up slightly when spooned into the serving dish.

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