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DIY Chocolate Tree Garnish

Rich and delicious Callebaut chocolate is used to create these festive trees that can be used to decorate desserts.
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DIY Chocolate Fondue

Chocolate Fondue... need we say more?
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DIY Christmas Tree Cheeseboard

Make a traditional cheeseboard stand out during the holidays with this Christmas Tree design.
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How to Make a Mediterranean Style Cheese Log

Put a flavourful Mediterranean spin on the classic cheese log!
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How to Make Belgian Chocolate Dipping Sauce

Serve this warm, chocolaty dip with strawberries and/or other fruit.
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Planning Christmas Dinner

Start early and be rewarded with a meal that comes together easily.
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Turkey Tactics

Learn the basics! We've got you covered with tips for picking the right size, thawing time and temperature checks.
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How to Carve a Turkey

How to Carve Like a Pro

A perfectly cooked turkey deserves to be beautifully carved, learn how to carve like a pro!
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Roasting Turkey 101

Many home cooks fret about roasting a whole turkey. If that's you, use this comprehensive information to help guide you to success.
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5 Tips for Picnic Perfection

Go for a more elevated approach to your summer picnic with these tips!
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Brandy soaked chocolate dipped cherries

Brandy Soaked Chocolate Dipped Cherries

This adult treat sees sweet, plump cherries infused with brandy, before being divinely coated in rich chocolate.
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Charcuterie Board 101

Charcuterie Boards are not only going to have your guests impressed but they are simple to make!
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cheese appetizers

Cheese Appetizers

Here are three simple, but divine ways to use cheese in a bite-sized appetizer.
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Cheese Board 101

To create interest, serve at least five different types of cheese. To ensure each cheese stands out, select those with different shapes, colours, textures and flavours.
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Thrifty Foods | Dip Hacks

Dip Hacks

Our Thrifty Kitchens dips aren't just for dunking! Here are 5 unique ways to use them.
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Thrifty Foods | Party Appetizers

Holiday Appies

Make your guests appy with these simple and tasty ideas!
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How to Grill Brie

Quickly grilling Brie gives it a pleasing smoky taste and makes the centre warm, creamy and divine.
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Step 3

How to Make Bacon Gouda Crisps

Turn ordinary soda crackers into a crowd-pleasing appetizer with just 3 added ingredients. You can even freeze the topping ahead to bake up the savoury treats whenever you like. Takes only about 5 minutes in the oven!
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Pull Apart Bread

How to Make Cheese-filled Pull Apart Garlic Bread

Use the words and photos below to guide you when making our Cheese-filled Pull Apart Garlic Bread.
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How to Make Halloween Monster Burgers

How to Make Halloween Monster Burgers

Have family Halloween fun by dressing up burgers to look like monsters, albeit cute, friendly looking ones!
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How To Make Mini Caramel Apples

How to Make Mini Caramel Apples

These sweet mini treats are simple to make, and tasty to eat!
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How to Prepare Albacore Tuna Tataki

The albacore tuna tataki we sell in our Seafood Department is an expertly trimmed loin of the fish that's quickly seared, but still raw in the middle.
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stuffed strawberry

How to Stuff a Strawberry

These easy-to-make treats are perfect for a summer party or picnic.
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Fresh Mozzarella Rolls

How to Use Fresh Mozzarella for Wrapping

Fresh mozzarella is perfect for wrapping up delicious ingredients to serve at your next gathering.
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Thrifty Foods | Bring your Shrimp Ring to the Next Level

Next Level Shrimp Ring

Take your frozen shrimp ring to the next level with these three simple entertaining tips!
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Party Appetizers

The more the merrier! Party-perfect appys in a pinch.
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Hot Caramelized Onion Bacon Dip

Three Tasty Dips

Use this technique to make three tasty dips to enjoy while watching the big game.
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Thrifty Foods | Warm Antipasto

Warm Antipasto

A first course of little bites designed to excite ones palate before the main dishes are served.
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