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Charcuterie Board 101

Charcuterie Boards are not only going to have your guests impressed but they are simple to make!
When planning your board think about including flavours and textures that compliment each other. You want an assortment from all the flavour groups: salty, sweet, sour, bitter and savoury.

Here are 8 staples for your next mouthwatering Charcuterie Board:
  1. Cured Meat: try delicate cured meats like prosciutto or Serrano ham that can be sliced thinly and add an intriguing texture.
  2. Salami: include a couple of different salamis, like one that is infused with red wine or encased in black pepper, the options are endless.
  3. Sausage: kick it up a notch with chorizo or a spicy sausage to add some flare to the board.
  4. Pate: a traditional pate made with meat will add an alternative flavour and texture to your board, try a vegetarian pate for an unexpected twist.
  5. Pickles: briny gherkins add a sweet crunch between each savoury bite.
  6. Bread or Crackers: include a baguette or crackers that can be a vessel for different combinations. Use unflavoured crackers so they don't overpower or compete with the other flavours.
  7. Something Sweet: Dates or dried fruits will help cut the richness between different meats.
  8. Spreads: Grainy mustard or sweet fig spreads can help create delicious combinations between meats and bread.