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How to Use Fresh Mozzarella for Wrapping

Fresh Mozzarella Rolls
Fresh mozzarella is perfect for wrapping up delicious ingredients to serve at your next gathering.
Try rolling thin slices prosciutto with pickled asparagus and fig preserves or a sweet version using strawberries, mint and balsamic to stun your guests.
Unrolled Fresh Mozzarella

Step 1:

Remove mozzarella from package and unroll onto a flat surface.
Fillings on Mozzarella

Step 2:

Slice fillings and lay flat on top of the mozzarella in an even layer
Rolling Fresh Mozzarella

Step 3:

Carefully and tightly roll mozzarella from end to end and place on the seam to cut.
Sliced Mozzarella Rolls

Step 4:

Slice completed roll for serving and garnish with some of the items from your filling.

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