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How to Make an Extreme Caesar

This fully loaded Caesar is both a cocktail and a filling appetizer.

Step 1:

For each drink, coat the rim of a tall glass with lime juice. Now coat rim with celery salt or your favourite Caesar rimmer. Fill glass 3/4 full with ice and pour in 11/2 oz. vodka, or to taste.

Step 2:

Add a tall, leaf-topped celery rib to each glass and pour in your Caesar mix.

Step 3:

Garnish rim of glass with a lime wedge. Now set items partially in the drink and on the rim for snacking on, such as cooked, cold prawns, jerky, garlic sausage, stuffed jalapeño peppers, pickled beans, a skewer of olive and cheese, and anything else you think will work with this tomatoey cocktail.

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