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How to Make Cold Brew Coffee

How to Make Cold Brew Coffee
Slowly steeping coarse ground coffee in cold water creates a rich and refined beverage you can flavour in sweet ways.

Step 1

Place 1/2 cup coarsely ground coffee in a clean 1 litre jar. (You’ll find a grinding machine in the aisle bulk coffee beans are sold.) Slowly pour in enough cold water to fill jar. Seal jar and let coffee cold brew 16 to 24 hours, depending on how strong you prefer it.

Step 2

Slowly strain coffee through a sieve, doubly lined with cheesecloth, into a clean jar. Seal jar and refrigerate until cold brew coffee is needed.

Step 3

Serve cold brew coffee in glasses as is, or over ice. Flavour, if desired, with such things as honey, sugar or other sweetener; cream; condensed milk; chocolate or caramel syrup; Irish cream or coffee liquor; and/or dulce leche.

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