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Living Gluten Free

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From cooking staples to bakery indulgences, we’ve got gluten-free options in every aisle, plus recipes and advice to make a gluten-free lifestyle easy, healthy and satisfying.
We help make gluten-free life easy and delicious with:

… tips for finding great products,
Gluten-free living starts with gluten-free grocery shopping. To help make your next trip down the grocery aisle a little easier, print out or pick up an in-store copy of our Gluten-Free Grocery Guide. That’s not all: to make the hunt for great gluten-free options even faster, we’ve put teal GF (gluten-free) signs on the shelves to mark all of our gluten-free items throughout the store. See? Gluten free can be easy!

... a quick way to keep up with new products,
We’re always looking to expand our gluten-free options. If you’d like to be first to know about great new products, sign up for our gluten-free email list and we’ll send you updates whenever we bring new gluten-free options to a store near you.

… and piles of resources!

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Gluten-Free Menu Planning

Successful meal planning requires a little imagination and knowledge on how to make substitutions for gluten in recipes and menu items.
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Gluten-Free Resources

Gluten-free? We've got you covered. Here are some resources to help guide you in-store, online, and in the community.
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Gluten-Free Recipes