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Living Gluten Free

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From cooking staples to bakery indulgences, we’ve got gluten-free options in every aisle, plus recipes and advice to make a gluten-free lifestyle easy, healthy and satisfying.
We help make gluten-free life easy and delicious with:

… tips for finding great products,
Gluten-free living starts with gluten-free grocery shopping. To help make your next trip down the grocery aisle a little easier, print out or pick up an in-store copy of our Gluten-Free Grocery Guide, put together by our Registered Dietitian and Manager, Nutrition Services, Jessalyn. That’s not all: to make the hunt for great gluten-free options even faster, we’ve put teal GF (gluten-free) signs on the shelves to mark all of our gluten-free items throughout the store. See? Gluten free can be easy!

… store tours,
Our Registered Dietitian and Manager, Nutrition Services, Jessalyn, loves introducing people to great food choices. Join her in-store for a stroll through the aisles where she’ll show you how to connect the dots between great gluten-free food products and good health, as well as delicious recipe ideas and useful tips for living a gluten-free lifestyle. You’ll especially appreciate her help if you have other health conditions, food sensitivities or allergies as she is an expert at managing complex nutritional needs. Tours are customizable to any age and any group size. Check the schedule and to book yourself or your group for an upcoming tour.  

... a quick way to keep up with new products,
We’re always looking to expand our gluten-free options. If you’d like to be first to know about great new products, sign up for our gluten-free email list and we’ll send you updates whenever we bring new gluten-free options to a store near you.

… and piles of resources!

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Gluten-Free Menu Planning

Successful meal planning requires a little imagination and knowledge on how to make substitutions for gluten in recipes and menu items.
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Gluten-Free Resources

Gluten-free? We've got you covered. Here are some resources to help guide you in-store, online, and in the community.
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Gluten-Free Recipes